What's My Job?

To improve everyone else at theirs

I often struggle with the duties of my role.

Becoming a Development Manager (DM from now on) for a group of 20 or so was never really in my plans. Although to be honest when does anything ever go to plan?

I suppose being a DM means being a jack of all trades and a master of none but since I took the role around four months ago I’ve started to try and give myself a sort of mission to follow.

Everything I’ve come up with so far boils down to a few separate values;

Make everyone else’s job easier. Make everyone else’s life easier. Make my colleagues better at their job. The final one is the kicker for me. Right now, I’m a 29 year old father of one who has been working for about 7 years.

Who the hell am I to give advice or tell someone how they should be working if they have double or triple the years of experience I have? I guess it depends on two things; a) what type of person am I and b) what type of person are they?

If they are the type of person who is receptive to other ideas and other ways of working then you are half way there. If I am the type of person who people value the opinion of and don’t think I’m a complete fraud then basically we have a good start.

But how do I improve their work? How do I systematically break down someones work or their process and improve it? Do I simply give them new ways to do things and let them sink or swim or do I guide and nurture them into thinking they are the greatest developer to walk the halls of the office?

Guess that’s something I will find out over time but I know for sure that it depends on two things; a) what type of manager am I and b) what type of colleague are they?

I know the cover photo is that of a teacher but to be honest that’s far too egotistical to think I am a teacher to 20 of my colleagues.

I’m a coach. I’m calling the plays from the touchline and hoping that they come off. I’m the guy who knows when someone needs a kick up the ass or if someone just needs a quite word. I’m the guy who is things go well will get the credit and if things don’t go well will be the blame.

Let’s just hope I win more trophies than have humiliating defeats.