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For the past 12 weeks I have been working only three days a week. Here is what a ’typical’ morning would look like.

Wake up around 7am. Snooze button; yes I’m one of those people. After the second press of the button it’s time to get up. The dog is staring at me. Dog is the priority.

Every. Single. Morning.

Depending on the weather, the morning walk is either a brilliant cleanser to start the day or a soaking mess that I curse in all but the summer months. Get in the house and let the dog loose. She’s getting old now. A quick check to see if the 7yo is awake yet… if not then feeding the dog is done in near silence until she wanders back upstairs to go back to sleep… the dog that is.

I failed in my mission. Kiddo is up. Exchange good mornings and share some stories about what she dreamt about. She has a pretty vivid imagination for a 7yo and her dreams as a testimony to that. Feed her breakfast and hear more footsteps from upstairs. The whole house is awake now. I begin to get ready for work.

I pick out something to wear. I’ve recently decided to break up my casual attire from my work one… it helps break up the day. Jumper and a pair of shorts is totally fine in this weather.

Teeth. Shower. Dry. Dressed. Needs to be in that order or I end up a wet mess with smelly breath. It’s around 7:45am now and my work day usually begins at either 8:30am or 9am. I trundle back downstairs to make coffee; no chemex or pour over in my house (yet). Caramel latte from the Nespresso my amazing wife for me the Xmas before last.

Back upstairs and into the office now; it’s usually clean enough to get right to work. I keep the door open. A closed door means to the rest of the house I’m ‘on a call’. I take a few minutes to settle in. Move around my AirPods, attach my webcam back to the MacBook and clear the desk of any clutter. I adjust the blinds to let just enough light in that it doesn’t drown out my face on Zoom.

I unlock my MacBook with my watch (amazing feature) and start to look through Outlook and Slack. No big news is good news. I go through my calendar to see what my day looks like;

  • 9-12pm - Usually meetings of different shapes and sizes. I colour code them to remind myself what I need to prep for
  • 12-1pm - Lunch with family
  • 1-4pm - My Choice Time - Skyscanner no meeting time
  • 4-5pm - End of day 1-1s or big town hall meetings

Then we move to Slack. I intentionally only join channels that I need and/or want to know what is inside them. I flush through all the bolded channels and personal messages. I then drag channels into the sidebars to help me prioritise for later on; FFS 🔥, Can Wait 🤔 and Everything Else 🤷🏻‍♀️. I then look at my ‘Today’ list in Bear Notes. I filter and arrange based on two different ways of thinking. The first; ‘Would my 5 year self be happy with this?’. The second; Do. Delegate. Delete. Defer.

It’s 8:30am now and I’m primed for the day. I check how the world is doing with the usual sweep of Twitter, BBC News, TechCrunch, HotUkDeals and then Instagram (for those desk shots!). I also check out the local stock of bikes, as that appears to be my latest need I have in my life

It approaches 9am and I decide if I need another coffee. I don’t. I turn on Zoom and double check the image I will be portraying to the rest of the world for the next 8 hours before I join the Zoom call. I put on my headphones and unmute the mic.

“Hey folks…”