My Battle With Javascript

The other day I downloaded our teams greenfield project and began looking through the source code. After fixing my environmental issues when trying to build (I’m not just a pretty manager), I eventually got to the login screen and started to play about with our new AngularJS ERP system.

It’s immense.

However, when I began to look at the App folder and my excitement for the product suddenly went to the floor. Why? Because I couldn’t read any of it.

Let’s first of all make one thing crystal clear; as a development manager I know enough to get by with a large number of different topics; OO design patterns, Objective C, UX design, SQL, C#, VB and various other pieces of technology that my team uses on a daily basis.

My job is to steer the ship; not to be the one knowing how the engine works from the beginning till the end. However given that our soon to be main system will be primarily an Angular app… it worries me that I have never truly done any on-line courses for JavaScript in my career.

Sure I’ve used it, but there is a difference to using it than there is to understanding it. So with that being said my quest to learn a little bit more about JavaScript has begun. I’m a manager who has npm installed on his machine ffs (and I’ve used it!).

My first major challenge was picking a resource and sticking to it with my learning and there are a few options;


One of the first things I done as a development manager was get our team a bunch of licenses from PluralSight as it is a magnificent tool. It hosts a wide range of online courses from software languages of all shapes and sizes to dealing with large enterprise infrastructure and support systems.


This site is usually the first site I point fresh graduates to if they are lacking it things to do. The interactive nature of the learning is really where it stands out and there are a large range of topics and languages to pick from. As the name suggests this is only for software.

Treehouse560Text My Winner

So I’ve picked TreeHouse over PluralSight because I learn by doing. Now first of all there are definately ways to follow along with PluralSight courses and that is not at all what I am saying in regards to ‘learning by doing’. The main advantage for TreeHouse for me is that it’s so easy to start and stop your learning and coding through the app and that’s something I need.

I can’t guarantee a whole night being dedicated to learning something. Twenty minutes here and thirty minutes there means I can do quick bursts of content and a) not get bored and b) not annoy my wife and daughter too much!

So as my JavaScript journey goes on I’ll be sure to update this serious with what I’ve learned and anything I think might be useful. In the mean time you can check my progress yourself;