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Hello... World?


Isn’t that how all new coding discoveries are made?

For a while now, I’ve been looking into taking the writing I have done since 2014 and move it somewhere that I can truly say is ‘mine’. That’s not to say that this space is technically mine either… but it’s pretty than using Wordpress or Medium for me.

Using a mix of Go, Netlify and copy+paste I’ve managed to herd 6 years worth of writing into this minimal new blog space which I’ll be using from now on!

A lot of the old posts still need formatted… but I’ve put them up for folks to see them. It’s also reminded me of a ton of old discoveries that I made that feel like eons ago now.

From introducing code reviews, dealing with issues implementing scrum, learning about theory of constraints and discussing postmortems which increase learning.

I’ve been very lucky over the last 10+ years to learn a ton in such a short space of time… expect some posts diving into that subject a little more.