Creating Culture and Value

Culture and team values that go with it are one of the key reasons why some companies are growing so rapidly.

There isn’t a start-up, medium sized company or even Google/Facebook style giant which doesn’t think about their Company as a various set of soft rules which all colleagues abide by.

But what is your company/team/department doesn’t have either of these?

Well… you are in the same boat as me then.

Starting Point

Now, this isn’t to say that the company I work doesn’t have a distinctive Culture or Values; we do.

It’s just that these, sometimes, don’t filter down into software.

That’s fine.

We have company values which come from our various clients and some of those can certainly be turned and twisted into something useful, but is that really the point?

Looking at my team I see a possible lack of direction to where we, as a team, are going. So…how did I build our team values?

I looked around and figured out what I wanted us to try and do more of.





All of the above are easy enough to grasp… and certainly follow. It’s just getting the idea out to seasoned developers that they need to change the way they think and act to move forward that is the hard part.

Junior developers anyone?

To give a team something to come back to when empowering them to make their own decisions, the values can’t just be one mans thoughts; they need to be the values of over 20 individuals.