10+1 articles I didn’t read this year but want to
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10+1 articles I didn’t read this year but want to

10+1 articles I didn’t read this year but want to
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DISCLAIMER - I did read most of these.

Addressing the challenges of partially distributed engineering teams
What to consider when approaching a new normal.
Career Growth: What Paths After Senior Engineer | Code Capsule
An exploration of the possible career paths for senior engineers, and what it takes to get there.Continue reading...Career Growth: What Paths After Senior Engineer
The State of Mental Health in a year of COVID remote working
Stats on the state of employee mental health at work in small businesses in the UK after a year of working from home during a pandemic. Data from 1460 employees across the UK between in 2020. These are the findings.
Engineering manager archetypes and career paths
Exploring seven common leadership scenarios
How to waste your career, one comfortable year at a time
If you are an average 30 yr old engineer, let’s say you want to retire reasonably by the time you are 60. A year wasted at a poor job or role is equivalent to you throwing away 3.3% of your career. The older you get, the steeper your loss is.
Create capacity rather than capture it.
Most growth companies are starved for experienced leadership. As they expand, continued growth builds up pressure on their existing leadership. This gets quite stressful! The rare executive manages to build an effective organization solely by investing in their existing team, but most supplement the…
How Big Tech Runs Tech Projects and the Curious Absence of Scrum
A survey of how tech projects run across the industry highlights Scrum being absent from Big Tech. Why is this, and are there takeaways others should take note of?
Why Managers Fear a Remote-Work Future
Like it or not, the way we work has already evolved.
Code less, engineer more – Increment: Teams
A short treatise on rewarding value over volume.
Staff archetypes
Stories of folks reaching Staff Engineer roles.
Becoming an engineering director
What does the role really entail?