Meeting Rooms Are Now Free

If you are anything like me you spend a fair amount of time in meetings. Meetings can be draining and a time suck depending on the content, the attendance, and who is running the meeting. Meetings however can also be joyous caldrons of ideas, creativity, and whimsical banter between you and your colleagues.


Hey! I was on podcast last week talking about a bunch of things… such as how I got started in tech, how I’ve survived (so far) in 2020 and a few other fun questions. Linkedin - Spotify - Apple -

The Ideal Senior Engineer?

Introduction The vast majority of my writing is around the act of leadership and generally how I tend to manage the humans in my organisation. I enjoy writing about being a manager and everything it entails, but I am 100% convinced that you should only start managing humans after you have spent years building things and pushing them to customers.

25% / 50% / 25% - The basic boss formula

How It Started When I got my first ever management gig, I overloaded on anything I could find around Agile. Looking back now, this wasn’t because I wanted to understand the difference between Scrum and Kanban but likely because it was the first thing that popped into Google when I started to do my research on how to run effective teams.

Managing - Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right

*Left, Right, B, A, Start! Sorry, couldn’t not finish that Delivering communications to anyone in your organisation should have come with some serious thought and experience behind it. While there are most definitely diminishing returns on going over your email to CEO thirty-five times, it definitely helps to know and think about a few things before you send something out from your brain into the world.

Tired of looking at yourself?

Zoom-Fatigue is a thing now. It’s maybe a recent discovery for those of us who aren’t used to this whole work-from-home thing but there is little doubt that the term ‘Zoom-Fatigue’ is something that has everyone needs to take seriously. In the old days, you know when we commuted on a bus to work, as a leader you would worry about folks not having enough uninterrupted time to do their work.


For the past 12 weeks I have been working only three days a week. Here is what a ’typical’ morning would look like. — Wake up around 7am. Snooze button; yes I’m one of those people. After the second press of the button it’s time to get up. The dog is staring at me.

My Reading List

My current backlog 😃 I don’t have a big enough ego to tell you that the following books will change your life. In fact, what I probably want to do with this page is to curate a collection of resources that I personally have found extremely useful… just encase you find them useful too.

Hello... World?

Isn’t that how all new coding discoveries are made? For a while now, I’ve been looking into taking the writing I have done since 2014 and move it somewhere that I can truly say is ‘mine’. That’s not to say that this space is technically mine either… but it’s pretty than using Wordpress or Medium for me.

How I use Slack for 1-1s

As a lot of us are working from home just now due to COVID-19, our default tools of communication with our colleagues are being reduced to a few key pieces of software. To some folks, these tools are second nature, but for others are completely brand new way of keeping up a relationship with your work colleagues.